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    One hundred and ten years ago, some 600,000 people lived west of the Great Lakes. In that year, two Winnipeg businessmen A. E. Scott and J. L. Bathgate entered into a partnership as importers and manufacturers’ agents.

    Thus, the birth of the company, known as Scott-Bathgate Ltd.

    During the 1930’s, Scott-Bathgate began an expansion phase, opening branch offices, warehouses and factories across Canada. With these new facilities in place, a new era for the company was launched.

    The introduction of the brand name “NUTTY CLUB” caught on and is now a recognized brand by our consumers for its quality in confectionery items, including packaged candy, salted nuts and popcorn.

    Today, Scott-Bathgate Ltd. is still a manufacturer, major importer and manufacturers’ agent representing brand names such as Walkers Toffee, Simpkins and Cocoa Classic Hot Chocolate just to name a few.

    Throughout its 110 year history, Scott-Bathgate Ltd. has provided retailers with a vast array of products for their customers and a service level second to none in the industry.

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